Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An update. Its been a long time since I've posted. All my plans have been pretty much on hold. I tried to sell my old camera gear on eBay, but didn't get even one bid. I may try again in the coming months. It seems that eBay is down all the way around. Maybe I should explore some other outlets. Other auction sites. We'll have to see.
I did something different a couple of days ago. Maybe it was about a week ago I got out our little Sony 8mm video camera. We bought this from a co-worker for like $35! Its not digital, but it is really nice. It was fun to play around with, and I had a lot of fun filming the kids playing outside. They really enjoyed watching themselves on the TV after I finished recording their activities. I think I would like to get more into video. I'm still very drawn to nature, so I'm sure my subjects are going to be mostly related to that area. I'd love to get a small digital camera someday.
I still have a big desire to get a digital SLR. I continue to see things everyday that I would like to photograph, I just need to have a camera so I can capture the world around me!