Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A few things going on. I FINALLY sold the Minolta kit on eBay! Whoo Hoo! Not for as much as I'd like, but hey, its a $100 more than I had with the camera just sitting in my closet! Now I need to list the Nikon, the broken Canon, some other electronic stuff, and probably the Yashica (like I'm really using it!). I'm also going to list the Canon camera bag. I was going to keep this one because I thought I would leaning towards a XTi. But my thinking has been more towards Nikon lately. I've been pricing old Nikon D100's on eBay. They sell for about $250 to $300 with out a lens. This is an older camera, but is pro level. I would still need to find a good lens. So this could be rather expensive. But my thinking is that I would be much happier with something like this as opposed to a pro-sumer or just consumer level camera. I've also priced the D200, which obviously is one step up from the D100. Newer technology, good lookng camera. Selling for about $600 to $700 with out a lens. So, that is the direction I'm going now. If that comes together, then I will want the Nikon camera bag I have.

I'm hoping that with selling a lot of my junk I can get a good portion of the money I need, then perhaps can take some from the tax return to make up the difference.

Stay tuned.

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