Friday, July 11, 2008

A New Plan

I have hatched a new plan. (first of all, I noticed that I have begun several posts with the word "well." I will try to refrain from doing that anymore!)

My new plan is this. Sell all the 35mm gear for cash to get a digital XTi. When we bought my wife's camera, it came with the standard kit lens, but we also bought a little more advanced lens for her purposes. So we have this kit lens just sitting around doing nothing. I have not been too pleased with the results from the Minolta so far. It may be the type of film I used, or the lens on the camera, or just me being a lousy photographer! But the costs in film, developing, scanning and then seeing how they look on-line, it doesn't make me want to keep using film. So
I have the Minolta with several lens and even a flash, now I have the Nikon FE and a short zoom lens I just purchased. And I have not one, but two brand new camera bags! What have I been thinking! So what I'm going to try is sell the Minolta gear as a set. I've been successful in the past with camera kits. I think I can get at least $200 for that kit. Hopefully more! Then I can sell the Nikon with a lens. Maybe another $100 - $150, or more. And we have an old point and shoot Canon that doesn't work anymore. I bet someone would buy that too. And since we already have a lens, all I need to do is buy a digital Canon body, and I've got what I really want. I think I want to get the XTi since my wife has had so much good success with it. Plus, my camera could serve as a backup if something ever happened to hers! It's BRILLIANT!
First thing to do is list the gear on eBay and see what we catch. Then it will be time to place the order for the XTi.

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