Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Recent Activity

Well, several photography related items. I finished the roll of film in the Minolta and have mailed it off to SnapFish for processing. I find they do the best job for the money. I've been very pleased with their service. So I am anxiously awaiting my results to see just how the Minolta performed in the different situations I put it through. I'm hopeful for some nice shots.

I was recently watching some Nikon cameras on eBay. I really wanted to find and F4, but at the time the place I was shopping didn't have any. I was interested in an FM of FM2 as my second choice. Watched several of those, but they ended up going for a lot more money than I was willing to spend, or even could afford! I also was watching some FE's and bid on one. I fully expected to get out bid. But for some strange reason I wasn't. So I have a used FE coming that I got for just $41.00! Now I'm going to have to try to find a lens to go with it! I also bid on two camera bags, again expecting to be out bid. But I wasn't and I won them both! Oops! Guess I will be setting up my own auction for a camera bag soon! The day after paying for my FE and bags, lo and behold, an F4 shows up in the store inventory. Its already over $100, so its out of my range. But it is NICE looking! I wish I could get it.

Guess I need to focus (pun intended) on finding an inexpensive lens for the Nikon FE.

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