Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Thoughts

Not a lot to convey. Have been carrying my Minolta with me back and forth to work. I've stopped once to take shots of some big storm clouds. It seemed like a perfect setting. Will have to decide if it was once I get the prints back. I enjoy having the camera with me. I like knowing that if I see something, that more than likely I will be able to capture it. Even today there might be opportunity for some more photos of storms in the distance.

I have been watching several cameras on eBay. Both digital and film. I don't know if I'll actually jump on one, or if I'll even be able to afford any of them. But I think that I am realizing what I really need is a really good film and slide scanner. I have so many slides and negatives stuffed in so many places. Who knows what treasures I might have stashed away! So before I go headlong into the digital world, I think I need to seriously do something with the photos I have accumulated over my 30 years or so of taking photographs.

It would be fun to have an old Nikon FM, or make the jump to an F4. But I don't know if I'll be able to swing any lenses at this time. Not sure either what a good scanner is going for. Need to research that more too.

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